I took up the opportunity to learn how to weld in my sculpture class. It was one of the initial reasons for taking the class, alongside learning to sew, plaster mold, and wood working. Although the welding project was seemingly just a pile of junk fabricated together to make a sculpture, I found a lot of value in learning the skill. Many of my peers saw the piece as more of a 3D Line drawing, using found materials. I did go to a local junk yard to find the pieces, and then acquired the assistance of my friend, Will Everett. The most I took out of the experience was learning to wled, but I did enjoy the more creative side of using scrap metal to make something that some people found to have an appealing aesthetic. To create this piece, I used gas welding to create the work. While some pieces are galvanized (usually a no-no for welding), the space I worked in was large enough and designed for that kind of welding safely. 


Special thanks to Austin Vesely for photography assistance! Follow him @austin_tilt_mode_vesely