I worked with full-time employees at Kinetic Vision in the Spring of 2018 while on co-op to create hyper-realistic renderings of various objects. This was a project that greatly enhanced my ability to use KeyShot, and 3DS Max from Autodesk. I began with modes, and then put them in KeyShot to attach various materials, lighting, and also position them in a scene for render via the V-Ray Renderer. I was not alone in this project, it was team-based, but I got a great amount of experience with the process of lighting, positioning, materials, V-Ray, and the HDRI editor. Technical aspect aside, this project also introduced me to the market of virtual photography, another staple in the creative division at Kinetic Vision. I learned that there is greater creative ability to be utilized in production, at a lower cost because of the virtual aspect. Below are the three renderings, as well as process photos I took whilst developing the final images. . 

Special Thanks to Kaitlin Moores for assistance.