I was provided the opportunity to cast a plaster mold, and create casts of wax and plaster based on a found object; I chose a pineapple. The process was tedious, but fun to learn, and I eventually took on of the casts, and turned it into a sculpture. Below is my process on how I made the sculpture, and different casts that I made. The final project was a wax cast, spray painted gold, with leaves made of tin sticking out. I cut out the tin leaves, and also took the scraps of tin and coiled them together to make more volume appear in the area where the leaves were at. The result was a very shiny, metallic-looking fruit, and a fun ornament to look at. 


I first took four wooden planks and clamped them together. I set that structure on top of another plank of wood and then filled in the box with Murphy's Oil (lubricating the structure, so the plaster would not stick). I then took wires and stapled them to the wood, creating a makeshift hammock for the pineapple to rest in. Due to the weight of the pineapple, it would sink through the plaster, thus a hammock was necessary to prevent gravity from messing up the mold. After the plaster kicked, I reapplied Murphy's Oil to the top of the plaster and pineapple, to create the second half of the mold. I loosened the four planks of wood, and moved them up 3-4 inches so that way there would be enough space for the second pour. While I waited, I took thin strips of tin and drew out the pineapple leaves. Using safety gloves and shears, I cut out the base leaves, which resembled a crown. I decided to switch to using scissors instead of shears because they were easier to get a handle of while wearing gloves, and they were easier to use while cutting the tin.

After the plaster kicked, I split the mold, and removed a very gross, and moldy pineapple.

I then heated up and melted wax, then I poured the melted wax into a hole that I drilled into the top of the mold, after again lubricating it with Murphy's Oil. I had to wait about two and a half for the wax to dry and seal up because the mass of the pineapple was so thick. I repeated this several times. I did a similar process with plaster; lubricate with the oil and then pour in plaster and wait about twenty minutes. The final results are below!

Final photos

Special thanks to Austin Vesely for photography assistance! Follow him @austin_tilt_mode_vesely

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