The Optical Mixing Painting is designed to experiment with color! I took a photo of a celebrity, the lovely Emma Stone, and then gridded the photo. I took the average color from each square, and painted it solid. The result was what looks like a pixelated painting of a celebrity. 

The painting even looks like the original when zoomed out, because the color blurs together. Also, photoshop (or any form of assistance outside of purely eye-balling the average colors) isn't allowed at all.

The process was time-consuming, and fragile. Each title was taped off and prepared for paint, and the mixture had to be spot on because multiple layers of paint increased that tile's thickness, which created inconsistency.


The process work here shows the original photo, in-progress painting shots of the gridded system used to paint each tile, and also various mixed palettes utilized in creating the painting. These palettes were key in recording the information in the skin tone and hair of the subject.


Kind of icky, but fun to look at. These are some of the color palettes I had to make to capture the many skin tones in the face, as well as the different shades of hair.