Nintendo World Report

 I have been an Associate Editor and Video Producer for Nintendo World Report ( since August of 2016. I review video games for Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Switch. I also assist in creating video content for NWR's YouTube channel that relates to current news and features on various video games. Below you will find links to videos I have worked on, thumbnails I have created for videos, and also video intros. 

In Spring of 2018, I volunteered to assist and upgrade NWR's YouTube videos introduction. This was created in Adobe After Effects, and serves as a template for each video on their YouTube channel. The E3 symbol is used at the end for E3 related videos in June, and the green at the end is used for adding in footage via Adobe Premiere. The second video was an alteration I made, for a review video on a Kirby game, and the third was for Luigi's Mansion.

I created this introduction while learning Adobe After Effects from the YouTube channel, Dope Motions.

I did not create the music for this, that credit goes to Perry Burkum.