In the Spring of 2018, I was tasked to design an updated variant on the logo for the company I co-op'd with, Kinetic Vision. I utilized Adobe Illustrator to create different weight of line work on a black circle, and create a 3D illusion. This design is in the process of being laser cut and etched into metal sheets, to be hung as wall art in the Kinetic Vision Lobby. Kinetic Vision is a product and process development firm, specializing in product design, industrial design, innovation, simulation, imaging and analysis, animation, reverse-engineering, and more.

Special Thanks to Dana Jarvis for assistance.


I utilized line weight tools and joining tools in Illustrator to connect and create lines that looked organic. I wanted them to wrap around the black sphere, and changing the line weight added dimension. I had a reference image to base my lines, which were asked to be more visible in the work. The shards attaching to the sphere are also planned to be leveled differently when hanging off of the wall. The different depths that they hang, along with the line weight, are all catered towards a very 3D sculpture from what was a 2D image.