I was given the opportunity to work alongside the interior design company, Haute & Humble in 2016. The founder and lead designer, Michelle Metcalf created the task of creating a physical outreach to clients, which would extend the company's hand to those who could utilize the service. Metcalf herself acts as a life coach, organizing the wardrobe and clutter control, and building not only a healthy space to live, but an environment defined by you, the client.

Prompt: Inspired Working Spaces Outreach - Haute & Humble primarily appeals to an elite audience with the right vision and enough budget to execute a truly meaningful expression of that vision; they’ve begun to find a niche with creating high-end, inspired working spaces for clients.  Finding new clients means reaching out to the right people, and communicating that this is their specialty.  The H&H approach helps these clients transform working space into a holistic working experience with practical functionality and a physical communication of the company’s values to everyone that works there. How can Haute & Humble creatively package an “inspired working space in a box” that can be sent to prospective clients as a “cold” outreach tool.  What would this package consist of?  What would the packaging look like?  What materials would be used?  How would it be delivered?  How could it creatively communicate that H&H already uniquely understands their company, and already has an inspired idea to transform their space before the client even knows they need to?

I worked with a partner, and together we created a personal package that reflected the client's interests, the lifestyle from Haute & Humble, and the connection between the two. The results are shown below, in an elaborate mock-up, of the concept box.

This is the original design I created for the personal package. The exterior showcased the Haute & Humble logo, while the interior captured the work and services the company offers. In the center, is an object on top of a mirror (alluding to reflection of one's self). The object is a variable that changes for different clients (items such as a fortune cookie, an origami animal, a candle, a succulent, etc.), but the focus is that the object is a connection between the client and the company.

The design of the box then changed from showing the logo on the outside, to replacing the mirror in the center of the interior. The outside reflects the different traits and characteristics of the person the box is being gifted to.