The Body Mantle was an opportunity given to me and my peers as a design challenge. The idea was that artists had to create a wearable sculpture using at least 100 of the same object and one type of adhesive. I chose to use Q-tips, about 4,000 of them to be more accurate.


Originally, I was inspired to create a sculpture resembling a plague doctor mask, and many of my sketches show that. As I began to build the skeleton of the sculpture, the weight was too heavy to stay supported up on my face. Due to time constraints, I decided to then flip the project on it's side, and it resembled the inner bud of a flower. The final project resembles a white lotus flower, worn on the right shoulder, with straps of duct tape around the body.


If I were to redo the project, and I might someday, I would like to attempt the plague doctor mask again, but instead of making it heavy from such an abundance of Q-tips, I'd make the skeleton again, and then put a minimal amount of Q-tips on the frame to give the form more volume. I also consider using hot glue over the duct tape to add a higher level of craft and quality to the piece.