My name is Xander Morningstar. I am currently a student at the University of Cincinnati, learning to use digital media to create entertaining projects, particularly in animation and 3D modeling. I hope to be a part of a firm after graduation that can utilize my skills in animation, design, drawing, and interactive media to enhance the group tasks. I would like to pursue an art field in the digital realm, and thus I am learning as much as possible about opportunities in that area. I am also focusing on advertisements / marketing, animation, illustration, and design!

In 2013, I received the Dayton Art Museum Yeck Fellows Scholarship, giving me the opportunity to interact with other artists, learn from those with more experience, and listen to lectures from professional speakers that have published work. It was about a semester's length of work, and it provided me with a great foundation on what I can achieve with fine arts.

I am enrolled currently in an internship-based program, and I am actively seeking opportunities to exercise my skills in new fields, and explore the firm-based structure of digital artwork, and I can't wait to share more!


Artist Statement

As an aspiring animator and 3D modeler, I juggle digital software from the Adobe Suite, Autodesk, and third party licenses such as the V-Ray renderer. I push myself to learn these programs everyday and apply them to work in 3D modeling characters for animations, products that will be used as beauty shots and made realistic. I explore storytelling through my inked illustrations. The work you see from me is exploration as a young artist using newer medium to create storytelling through a character and world's design.  

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